So I guess you’ve noticed my pen name is “katmummy”. I know, very impressive. Thing is, this is actually the second blog I started writing. The first was an attempt at parent blogging. You know, writing about my kid and my life since he graced me with his presence, and filled my home with the pitter patter of him running the place. However, I failed. Unfortunately I was not inspired. I adore the little guy, and my life truly is a million times better now, but potty training and reading about Pepa Pig simply doesn’t move me.

Sure I’ll write about him here and there, we are always together and he is an amazing little human being, but my life still belongs to me. My mind, my jokes, my rules. I feel this blog is simply tailored for me. I gave birth, I don’t need those maternity jeans anymore, and I believe my blog should reflect that.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and most of the time a little brash and very opinionated. I refuse to lose any piece of me because today’s society will judge you otherwise. Stopped breastfeeding for any reason, judged, bad mom. Still breastfeeding and your kid has teeth, judged, weird and weak. Unemployed, lazy, judged. Employed, selfish, judged. It goes on and on and on and on.

Then this blog was born. It is about being able to read and comment and think. No judgment. No comparisons to someone better. No envy, no hate. Just honest opinions and honest ideas. The truth, now that’s a refreshing idea.



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