I have been informed recently that my writing seems apologetic, and this is true. I re-read my articles and, for some reason I have become gentle to the unknown person who might get insulted by the things I have to say. Then it hit me.A hard, cold slap from an old enemy: political correctness.

When it all started, the idea was very noble. The theory was, if you remove negative wording, people will become more tolerant. If you remove racist or sexist comments from popular culture, people’s opinions will change and all will be right with the world. As I said, noble.

The sad reality is that not only did it not rid the world of bad people, but it created overly sensitive ones. The media should absolutely use it. This makes them seem bias (rarely are, but should be). The rest of us? Really? It’s like everyone has an opinion, a judgment, a thought, but we are all sitting on the fence afraid to choose a side. More than that, afraid to stand alone on that side.

Result: overly explosive arguments in the YouTube comment section. Here, in this safe place, everyone’s a critic. Not only are they suddenly brave, but the arguments usually end at some preschool level. Somehow, at some point, I too become careful. Attentive to people I don’t know, and will never meet. Whether I have been influenced by the TV, or it just became the norm doesn’t matter. This ends now.

No more apologies. We all have a right to an opinion, a voice. If I stand alone on my side, I still stand.  I know what I have to say, stick around and listen. You may love it, you probably won’t,but hey,  you can always go to YouTube and release you frustration there.


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