I never thought that sexism needs to be explained. When I was a little girl it was self-explanatory. It was evident. It was real. Sexism is alive and well today, but it’s hidden behind surreal “issues”.

While procrastinating on twitter, as I often do when I have no interesting projects, I came across a word that shocked me: manspreading. This word didn’t shock me because it apparently refers to the way men naturally sit. It shocked because it’s a fake word. This word was used in a NEWS article about two men. These two terrible criminals were arrested for “taking too much space” on a bus.

Villians! Monstrosities!

Apparently, some feminists (quasi-feminists) coined this ridiculous term. They also invented some other hilarious additions to the sacred dictionary. All of them aimed at belittling men. Now I can see the appeal. They have belittled us for centuries, why not. Unfortunately, this goes beyond a bad sense of humor.

These women have decided that everything is sexism. From looking at a woman “the wrong way” to calling a bitch, well a bitch. Thus, I have decided to use some real examples of sexism to explain the difference. I hope.

Example No.1:

When I was 8 years old, I started playing football. To Americans soccer, but to everyone else a man’s sport. I enjoyed the game, the strategy, and the friends. It was fun and I was good. I was playing at school and left, right, center GOOOOAAALLLLLLL. But alas a foul was called. What was my mistake? It wasn’t offside, I didn’t touch another player. A small, 3 inch, Spanish 8-year-old boy explained it to me. You see it wasn’t a real goal because I am a girl. I should cook, clean and shut up when he’s talking.

That’s sexism.

I kicked his ass and was sent to the principles office.

Example No.2:

My brother has hair like I imagine Samson had. Beautiful dark, curly locks. He loves heavy metal, and girls, and his hair. However, because he’s a boy he had to keep it short. Our school had a strict dress code, so he accepted the rules. Once school was out forever, he let it grow. Alas, a couple of cops stopped him. No man in his right mind would wear his hair long, he must be on drugs. He cut it short to avoid future run-ins (he had 5 or 6 in total).

That’s sexism.

Example No.3

I went on a job interview for a bartending job. The pay was good and the cafe right across from my apartment building. I had experience, charm, and a good work ethic. I was informed that I was cute, even likable, but a girl. A girl simply can’t be a bartender. It’s a hard job, and I can’t possible do all that heavy lifting. Besides, I’m pretty, what if I flirt too much? Would I cause problems? I was tired and angry and jobless. Just because I’m female. I stayed until they gave me the job.

The fact that I had to beg, that’s sexism.

Example No.4

When my son was 6 months old, I had to go to training for a new job. One I’m not that good at, but I had to try. For my family. My husband was delighted that he got the opportunity to spend all that time with his son. To feed him, teach him, love him. Staying at home was also a welcomed change as he usually works anywhere between 10 and 14 hour days. It was a nice change for the both of us. He was happy. But alas his WHOLE male family, minus a few, were so angry with ME. You see raising kids and cooking (both enjoyable, both difficult) is a woman’s job. How dare I impose this on my poor, dear husband. He was angry. Very.

That’s sexism.

There are so many examples from my own life that I could share. Too many. I think these few explain my point. Sexism is forcing any human being to be something or someone based on their gender. It doesn’t really matter who is at the delivering or receiving end. By allowing sexism to exist we are all losing our freedom. Our basic human right to work, live and be happy.

This is why I call myself a feminist. I hope to piss enough people off so something will change. All I want is freedom. Common sense is a given ladies. Inventing words doesn’t make you sound smart. It makes the rest of us with a point lose our voice.


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