Short Story Contest

Last month I participated in a short story challenge.


The July 2016 Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge


This is a LinkedIn group which has casual competitions each month. There is no real reward except the fun of it. If you ask me, that’s good enough. The theme last month was “The Dance”. I wrote a short story and I won 😀 It’s not actually that big a deal, but here’s the story. I would love to hear some feedback and thoughts, thanks.


The Dance

The room was alive. Something rare and unexpected. The men were happy, they were young again. Life was good for at least a moment. He saw her across the room, as always is the case with love. She was radiant in her cheap dress. Laughing and singing. Young. Alive. As he approached her, she finally noticed him and smiled. “Care to dance?” he asked. She said nothing and took his hand. They danced for what seemed hours, but it was only a moment. A fading glimpse of a beautiful life that he would never have. Their Sergeant walked in and the music seemed to stop. “Its time, we deploy now” he ordered. The men became stiff. Not alive, not young. They were soldiers again. As he started to leave, he turned to her and said, “I’ll find you when I get back”. They smiled at each other believing in this naive promise. But he never came back. That moment was their first dance. That moment was his last.


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